On Sunday, October 10, 2021, at approximately 09:28 in the morning, Bennington Police were dispatched to the Bennington Museum located at 75 Main Street Bennington, Vermont.

There was a report of vandalism that occurred overnight. The officer who responded to the call learned that a Bennington Museum employee arrived and had discovered a large banner had been erected between two light poles at the entrance to the museum’s courtyard.

Written on the banner was, “LAND BACK”. The employee also discovered the Abraham Lincoln statue, located in the courtyard, had been vandalized.

Bennington Police Dept 1
Bennington Police Dept 1

Police Dept 1

The statue had reddish spray paint that was covering the statue’s face and hands. In the center of the statue’s chest was the number, “38”. This vandalism will end up being very expensive as the estimated cost is several thousand dollars to repair the statue and remove the paint.

Bennington Police Dept.
Bennington Police Dept.

It is believed that “38” and “LAND BACK” is in reference to the Dakota 38 when 38 Dakota men were hanged under the order of President Abraham Lincoln. The hangings and convictions of the Dakota 38 resulted from the aftermath of the U.S. Dakota War of 1862 in southwest Minnesota.

There are parts of this film that show the hanging it may be too graphic and make some people uncomfortable.

Eddie Webb/Youtube

This incident is still under investigation if you have information on this contact Officer Amanda Knox at 802-442-1030 or provide information through the Bennington Police website at www.Benningtonpolice.com.

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