Former NFL star TERRY BRADSHAW who's famous these days for being a TV analyst, and he can sing as he showed on the First season of the masked singer he has released a COVID-19-themed country song called "Quarantine Crazy".

It's supposed to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek track about the pitfalls of quarantining with your family, with a few country music references.

The lyrics include lines like "I'm 'Achy Breaky' like Billy Ray Cyrus, 'cause if I leave I might get that virus."

And "Now all this time with them has sure been a blessing. Just hangin' out together 24-7. Now it was fun for a week, I'll admit it. But my cabin fever's bout to reach its limit."

YouTube/Terry Bradshaw

When asked what inspired it, Terry said, quote,

I was on the phone [with my friend Buddy] . . . and we were talking football, and my wife Tammy's in the kitchen and she hollers at me and says, 'Terry! I'm going quarantine crazy!'  "I said, 'Quarantine crazy? Hey, that's a country song title.' I said, "Buddy, I'll call you back.

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