From The City Of Pittsfield Mayors Office:

The Reservoir levels for water supply for the City of Pittsfield has now reached the first triggering level for water conservation.

Therefore, the City of Pittsfield and Department of Public Services and Utilities has now enacted a State of Water Supply Conservation to ensure an adequate water supply for fire protection and emergency response, said Commissioner Ricardo Morales, of the Department of Public Services and Utilities.

Wednesday, Aug. 26 initiates Stage 1 of the city’s drought management plan, which is voluntary and targets general outdoor-related water usage. “While Stage 1 of our water conservation plan is voluntary in nature, we hope the community adheres to the restrictions which are intended to conserve the water capacity throughout our city, slowing down or avoiding a move toward a mandatory restriction,” Morales said.

Restricted activities include, outside water use in general; watering lawns and gardens; washing vehicles, and filling swimming pools.

These activities are permitted before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. and are limited to alternate days.

Addresses ending in even numbers may water on even days of the month. Addresses ending in odd numbers may water on odd days of the month.

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