Despite the knowledge that fast food isn't exactly the healthiest option; we just can't seem to resist. What do you think is the most popular and decadent treat throughout The Bay State. the answer will amaze you in more ways than one:


The drum roll please: Massachusetts favorite "junk food" is the popular chocolate chip cookie. They are loved for that soft and chewy texture and rich flavor. The combination of butter, sugar flour and chocolate adds to some problems for those who are yearning to lose weight. This high calorie dessert can cause blood sugar spikes which can pose problems that include overeating and craving for more than an allotted portion. They are truly hard to resist, for sure!

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In neighboring Vermont, the top dessert is ice cream. How apropos as the Green Mountain State is home base to Ben and Jerry's. Popular choices include maple walnut, raspberry chocolate chip, and honey lavender. Seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin in the fall and maple in the spring are always well represented.

Barbecue Grilled Hot Dog with Yellow Mustard

South of the border, Connecticut gives their stamp of approval for the 2 foot long hot dog (pass the mustard and relish, please) and in The Empire State of New York, a traditional staple takes the top spot and I am in favor of this choice: A toasted bagel with cream cheese (don't forget that all-important "schmeer").

Healthy homemade bagels with cream cheese . Food backround

The web site, provides simple-to-understand methods to maximize fitness. Plus you will be able to see what options are unpopular nationwide. They also present some guidelines to moderate your food intake and if you feel creative, some healthy recipes are posted as they will guide you to the road towards good health.

BOTTOM LINE: Moderation is the key to everything. in one word: ENJOY!

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