24th Annual Spring Downtown Pittsfield Cleanup is this Friday, May 21, 2021 from 1 to 4 pm.

Downtown Cleanups are good-natured competitions between local companies supporting an important part of DPI’s Quality of Life Committee’s mission to keep downtown clean, safe, and friendly.

Downtown Pittsfield Cleanup 2020 - Carr Hardware)
Downtown Pittsfield Cleanup 2020 - Carr Hardware)

The downtown cleanup area includes North and South Streets between East/West Housatonic and Berkshire Medical Center and all side streets.

Downtown Pittsfield Cleanup 2020 - Barrington Stage Company

This year’s teams are made up of individuals from the following Pittsfield businesses:

Barrington Stage Company, Berkshire Bank, Berkshire County Arc, Berkshire Medical Center, Berkshire Theatre Group, Berkshire United Way, BVS of ServiceNet, Carr Hardware, Crane Currency, Cross Insurance, Dulye Leadership Experience, Guardian Life Insurance Company, Housatonic Valley Association, Lee Bank, Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield Police Department, and RE-FORMation Academy.

Participating teams will receive COVID-19 guidance to ensure a safe cleanup experience.

The rain date is May 28, 2021.

Team Cleanup Location

Barrington Stage Company, North St. between Union and Bradford and Union St. both sides

Berkshire Bank, North St. from Park Square to Columbus – West Side of street

Berkshire County Arc, Wendell Ave. Extension, both sides

Berkshire Medical Center, Vicinity of Berkshire Medical Center

Berkshire Theatre Group' South St. by Colonial

Berkshire United Way, 200 South St. area and Berkshire Common

Carr Hardware,North St. between Linden and Madison, both sides if possible

Crane Currency, North St. from Columbus to Maplewood

Cross Insurance, South St. from Park Square to Colonial, both sides if possible

Dulye Leadership Experience, North Street from Park Square to Columbus – East Side of the street and Fenn St. if possible

Guardian, Park Square

Housatonic Valley Association, Rain gardens on North St.

Lee Bank, Central Block, West St. to McKay St.

Pittsfield High School, East St. to the Library, both sides of East if possible

Pittsfield Police Department, Dunham Mall, School St., Allen St. and around City Hall, Federal St if possible

RE-FORMation Academy, North St. between Bradford and Linden

Service Net, North St. between Madison and hospital, both sides if possible

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