I am sure all of us have had at least one unwritten rule. What's an unwritten rule everyone should follow? Here are some of the best answers we've seen

How many times have you seen this happen? Don't leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. Move it to the side. Now with social distancing, another unwritten is going down the store aisle the wrong way.

Don't be too nosey. If someone hands you their phone to show you a picture, don't look at other photos.

Don't start drama at a funeral or a wedding. And don't steal the Bride and groom's moment of being in the limelight by proposing at a wedding.

This one hits close to home or should I say the office, a certain person likes to microwave Brussel sprouts in the microwave at work, don't get me wrong I love Brussel sprouts, but when you are reheating them it gets quite smelly, and it can be smelled all over the building. The worst is reheating up fish in the office kitchen, or anything else that smells.


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If you borrow someone's car, which that is a nice thing to do, fill it with gas. Or at least get it back to where it was.

Deal with it, It's okay to be wrong. So if you mess up, just admit it and say sorry.

Owning a plunger should be mandatory. (Also toilet-related: People who don't flush the toilet in public bathrooms should go to prison.)

So do you have any unwritten rules you would like to share?


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