First of all, I Love Christmas. I even Love decorating with lights on the house.  But when does it go from making a pretty Christmas decoration with lights on your house to looking like you may have gone off the deep and end with way too many lights & decorations?

My husband Scott and myself were driving home Saturday night from Pittsfield up to North Adams, and we were looking at the houses with their lights, blow up Santas and snowmen. There was even a blow up of a Darth Vader standing behind a snowman with the phrase,  "The good force in this one is strong".  We also saw some of those new lights you plug in that show snowflakes all over the front of your house, which some people may be thinking is phoning it in as far as decorating goes.

Some of the houses we came across had beautiful lights on their homes and apartments. On flip side, there were a few that really looked like someone had put up as many lights as they could. One of those houses you could literally see for from blocks away.

So my question to you is when is it too much as far as decorating your house?

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