Here's a question for you, Berkshire County, and it revolves around what I guess you could call "social etiquette at the supermarket." I happened to be perusing the New York Post recently and I came across a story that reminded me that I'm often in this situation myself.

Here's the question: When you're at the supermarket and you've finally gotten everything on your list and you've reached the checkout line and you're loading your items on the conveyor belt, whose job is it to place the plastic divider on the conveyor belt to separate the items from the person behind you in line?

Now, you might think that's a stupid question, but here's the thing. According to this New York Post story, a Tik Tok where someone asked that very same question is going viral and getting a ton of comments!

If you really think about it, especially nowadays with all the social distancing going on, whose job should it be? Should you place the divider on the belt after you're done loading up your groceries, or should it be the job of the person behind you in line to put down the divider before they start putting down their items?

Anyway, judging by the comments and responses to the Tik Tok, it seems no one can agree. My feeling has always been that it should be the person who just placed their groceries on the belt. After all, that person is much closer to the dividers, right? The next person in line would be unable to reach the dividers yet.

On the other hand, if there's nobody behind you in line until you've already reached the pay stand, then that person would be closer to the dividers. It's all so confusing!! Where do you stand, Berkshire County?

For more on the story, check out the New York Post's website here.

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