It's a brand new week which means more roadwork and street paving as the City of Pittsfield's Street Improvement Project 2021 forges ahead. Just remember that having better roads is a good thing. And it's so much better for your vehicle.

This week's street improvement schedule for the city of Pittsfield is as follows:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 28: excavation on Gordon Street.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 29 – Friday, Oct. 1: berm removal on Monroe, Chestnut, and Martin streets, and Terrace and Woodbine avenues.

Always keep in mind that if any of the streets mentioned are part of your daily commute, you may want to map out an alternate route to get to and from your destination. At the very least, you should probably leave your house a little earlier than normal to allow for extra time, if needed.

Also, be careful where you park. On-street parking is prohibited during this work between the hours of 6 a.m.-6 p.m. each day. Don't run the risk of your vehicle being towed at your expense. However, once the berm has been removed in the aforementioned locations, parking will be allowed.

Rain is in the forecast for this upcoming week, so the work schedule is subject to change based on the weather conditions. The City of Pittsfield thanks you in advance for your patience as the 2021 Street Improvement Project continues.

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