It's no secret that fast food prices have gone up the roof as another economical way of dining has gone out the window. I prefer Burger King as their hamburgers are flame broiled, NOT fried plus the French fries are more appealing in taste. The one problem is there are NO locations in south county as the closest restaurant is up north on route 7 in "Lovely Lenox". There are 2 more Berkshire locations on First Street in Pittsfield and at American Legion Drive in North Adams.

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Question of the day: Which of these three BK's has the highest priced Whopper meal? Inquiring minds would like to know (including me). And the winner is: North Adams as a Whopper sandwich, fries and your favorite beverage will set you back $15.49 (don't forget the tax will add more to the price) Ironically, The Pittsfield and Lenox locations are priced neck and neck at $11.98 (plus tax is included). Who would have thought that a "value meal" just has no more value at one of these fast food chains.

The prices are just plain "ridiculous" in nature. Guaranteed, inflation has a hand at this as the general rule of thumb is to pass the extra cost to the customer, but you can STILL offer specials that would generate a line of people for lunch or dinner. here are some more comparisons regarding price at the BK's in our backyard:


Your best bet is to order the Family Bundle meal which consists of 3 Whoppers, 3 cheeseburgers and 3 small orders of fires. ALL locations have this priced at $20 plus tax. A better alternative to The Impossible Whopper meal which costs $13.18 in Lenox and Pittsfield while North Adams will set you back over $16. the Whopper Jr. meal is considered a bargain at $8.98 in Pittsfield and Lenox while it's $12.99 in North Adams.

Who has the most expensive bacon cheeseburger? North Adams at $3.99 while the other pair of locations will give you this standard sandwich at a price of only $2.99. Remember, fries and drink are NOT included.

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For poultry lovers, the original chicken sandwich meal is over $15 just south of Vermont, while both central Berkshire offer this for $11.98 (over $3 in savings when heading south). The 8 piece chicken nuggets meal id offered at $8.14 in Lenox and Pittsfield while North Adams STILL remains top price at $9.99 (tax bumps that up to a 4 digit total on your food bill). And if you are thinking of heading north to Bennington, Vermont the Burger King at Kocher Drive is permanently closed.

BOTTOM LINE: Fast food is NOT going to save you money these days. Go to a LOCAL restaurant and support area businesses in The Berkshires where you'll get a better deal for each dollar spent and regenerating our local economy is ALWAYS a good thing!

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