This past Sunday night the Tavern at the A was rocking and rolling with all types of music with a Battle of the Bands, How did this come to be?

Well, it started with Eloise Bradley, Felix Cushman, Vera Mariposa, and Cooper Mitford comprise the band Impending Doom from the brand-new musical FALL SPRINGS.

The Barrington Stage Company hosted the local Fall Springs Battle of the Bands.. David Isby and Myself, Cheryl Adams MC'd the event. Local, amateur bands were asked to submit live music for review. Impending Doom narrowed down the field of bands to five finalists then last night the five finalists performed a two-song set.

The five bands were:

Sinking: Sinking is a four-piece band from Pittsfield, taking influence from 90s alt-rock and emo bands

The Funktion: The Funktion is 4 piece Blues, Soul, Rockband

Raw n Reckless: Raw n Rekless is a 4 Piece Classic Rock Band They are a rock and roll show with expert leads and harmonies.- With a mission to "Keep em dancing!" These talented guys will be playing at Party in the Park August 8th.

B. Redy: Matt Cimini is a musician, singer, songwriter whose music embodies the lessons he has learned about perseverance, strength, and love.

Blessed Crazy Humans: Blessed Crazy Humans is a mix of funk and rock players all from Berkshire county with their own flavor of Rock and they have mixed with R&B and Funk to come up with a very unique type of dance music.

It was a wonderful whirlwind of local artists showing how really great they were at performing under the pressure of not only the singing competition but what it takes to get a band up on stage and perform while under a very tight time frame, which by the way Seth and the sound crew plus everyone who was there from Barrington Stage Company were super awesome in getting the bands and this event together.

The audience loved all the music plus there were giveaways of "What The Frack" T-Shirts and tickets to go see Fall Springs.

So who won?

"Blessed Crazy Humans" was the runner up.


The big winner of the night was Funktion!


So now you may be asking yourself, what is Falls Springs? check back soon for the answer to that.


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