Do you use baby talk when conversing with your dog? Don't feel silly if you do. Many of us do it. Probably a lot more do it than would admit to it. And, it turns out, it's actually a GOOD thing. According to a recent study by the University of York in the United Kingdom, dogs actually respond well to baby talk. See? Your actions have been justified. No need to be embarrassed anymore!

According to the study, researchers tested two different types of speech on a group of canines. One type was the normal, conversational speech you would use when speaking to another adult. The other type was what is called "dog-directed speech"--baby talk--discussing subjects that dogs would be interested in such as going out for a walk or a doggy treat.

To make a long story short, the end result was that the dogs spent more time looking at the person who spoke in baby talk as well as spending more time with that individual. You can find more information about the study through the American Kennel Club website.

So go ahead and chat with your canine companion through infant-speak. Just make sure the topic of conversation is of interest to your pooch. They aren't going to be happy hearing about the stock market, politics or global warming. Your CAT, however, may be interested in those topics, but you should probably lose the baby talk. Your cat will look at you like you're crazy.


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