Massachusetts town names tend to have a certain way about them. Usually, as soon as we hear and/or read the name of a town, even if we don't know where it is, we know if that is a town in the Bay State. It just so happens that if you were to mention any town that end with 'ham', there is a good chance that town exists in Massachusetts given the fact that there are 19 of them.

Some states have the most towns that end in 'ville', or 'City', or 'town'. But in Massachusetts, we have a bunch of towns that end in 'ham'. Can you name them or locate them on a map?

As someone relatively new to the Bay State, I had no idea that towns that end in 'ham' here was even such a thing. But every state has its inner quirks. Apparently, in Massachusetts, ending them in 'ham' is a thing. In fact, on a recent list of fake towns in Massachusetts that was released, several of them ended that same way. One was even named 'Hamham'. If another one should ever be added to the list, that just might end up becoming the name of such town.

So, how many of these Massachusetts towns that end in 'ham' do you know? Or how many have you visited? What's the town like? Let's find out about these towns ending in 'ham'. Maybe you've been to more than you realize. Or maybe make it your mission to visit each one...

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