Williamstown recognized Police Sergeant David Lemieux who retired on Monday after 32-years of service to the city.  In a Facebook post on the Williamstown Police Department page, a tribute was posted to Sergeant Lemieux along with a picture of him and his son, David Jr. who is also in law enforcement as a State Trooper in Maine.

Sergeant Lemieux started his career as a Reserve Officer in 1988 and was later hired as a fulltime officer in 1977.  He was later promoted to Sergeant in 2005.  Spending most of his tenure with the department keeping Williamstown safe on the 3pm to 11pm night shift.

Speaking for the listeners of WUPE, we would like to thank Sergeant Lemieux for his decades of service.  We wish you and your family the very best and a very happy retirement.

williamstown police

The Facebook post from the Williamstown Police Department page is below…

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts

Sergeant David Lemieux retired yesterday after serving our community for 32 years. Sgt. Lemieux started as a Reserve Officer in 1988, was hired as a full time officer in 1997 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2005. He spent the majority of his career on the Evening shift (3PM-11PM) and was the Department firearms and Taser Instructor. He also oversaw all firearms licensing and paid detail accounting. He is a decorated officer, receiving the Medal of Valor for forcing entry into a burning residence to knock the fire down while searching for any occupants. He is pictured here with his son David, a Maine State Trooper. Thank you Sergeant Lemieux for 32 years of dedication and Congratulations on retirement!

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