Police arrested a woman on Wednesday after she led them on a car chase in Dalton, dragging an officer during the chase.

The Berkshire Eagle reports 30-year-old Meghan Martin of Clearwater, Florida was arrested two years ago for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman. Martin was accused of making dozens of illegal credit card transactions.

Martin did not show up for her court appearance in Florida and has been on the run since then. Since then, Dalton Police have been on the lookout for her. Finally, on Wednesday, Martin was spotted on Main Street in Dalton.

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Two of Dalton's Finest stopped a vehicle shortly before noon on Main Street with an unidentified woman passenger who had a warrant. Martin allegedly climbed into the driver's seat and started driving in the direction of Pittsfield, dragging one of the police officers until he was finally able to push himself away from the vehicle.

According to police, the car chase continued into Pittsfield where the car driven by Martin eventually collided with a sergeant's cruiser. Martin then abandoned the vehicle and took off on foot.

Dalton Police with help from Pittsfield Police and state troopers located her shortly thereafter off McIntosh Drive near Dalton Division. She was taken into custody and is being held pending extradition to Pinellas County, Florida.

As a result of the incident, two officers, Sgt. Buzzella and Officer Miller received minor injuries and one of the officer's cars involved in the chase had to be towed. For more on the story, visit the Berkshire Eagle's website here.

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