When you start dating someone new,  you really don't have to worry about impressing their friends or their mom or any of the usual suspects.

Make sure you suck up to their DOG.

According to a new survey that was done for Wag, by OnePoll featured in the New York Post,

86% of dog owners say they'd dump someone who didn't like their dog.

And people also trust their dog to set them up.  Three out of 10 people say they've used their dog as a way to start talking to a potential date and they were successful 84% of the time.

78% of people with dogs say they're more likely to hook up with someone if that person also has a dog.

Three out of 10 dog parents have used their dog to attract a potential partner and more than 60 percent said they’ve been flirted with when walking their pooch. When people use their pooch to attract a potential love interest they were successful 84 percent of the time.

Dogs can even help attract a potential mate without even meeting. As dating apps have become increasingly common, 73 percent of dog parents are more likely to “swipe right” on a person’s profile pic that includes their pup.

Gary Shannon

Dogs really are their owners’ most significant other, regardless of marital status. More than 16 percent of married dog owners said they would choose to celebrate their pup’s birthday over their spouse’s.

While dog lovers live all across the country, we here in the Northeast use their pooches as match-makers the most. More than 25 percent of dog parents in these states found love at a party for a dog.

Dogs play a crucial role in romantic relationships. One in five dog owners have even gone so far as to stay in a relationship simply because of their partner’s dog

And finally, 16% of married dog owners say that if it came down to it, they'd rather celebrate their dog's birthday than their spouse's birthday.