WUPE is off the air this morning allowing tower workers to upgrade cellular equipment located on the WUPE tower.  Because of dangerous conditions to tower workers when radio transmitters are at full power, the cell company requested that we turn off, or significantly lower power to our transmitter.

You can still listen to your favorite Classic Hits on-line through wupe.com just click on "Listen Now" and  the Whoopee App that is available in the App Store and Google Play.  Just search for "WUPE"...download the App and tap the "Listen Live" tab.  The quality of listening on-line and through the App is amazing.

The shutdown of the WUPE tower in North Adams on the 100.1 frequency also effects the signal on WUPE’s 103.3 frequency in Pittsfield.

Power will be restored once the workers have completed the equipment upgrade.  The power to the WUPE 103.3 frequency in Pittsfield may be restored before the 100.1 frequency in North Adams.

The staff at WUPE apologizes for the interruption of their programming and hopes to flip the switch back on later today.

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