This weekend, many people in Western Massachusetts are getting together for a convoy to show their support for local law enforcement.

From a story on, citizens of the Commonwealth plan to get in their cars and trucks and head out on a mission to support local law enforcement at noon this Saturday.

Organizer Brandon LeBranche said, “I've seen a couple of other towns do them. That kind of motivation was a good idea. It's really just showing the support for the cops."

LeBranche went on to say, "I have family members that are police. I have one right now and then one that's working towards becoming a police officer.”

LeBranche wants to be clear that although the event is named, "Back the Blue", it is NOT a "Blue Lives Matter" movement. It's simply an action of support.

LeBranche said that police officers need to be backed during these difficult times.

The convoy will make their way around western Mass driving through Southwick to Agawam to West Springfield ending up on the Green in Westfield where the supporters will wrap things up, recognizing all police departments as a whole.

For more on the story, visit Western Mass News' website here. If you're a fan of our hard-working men and women in law enforcement, show them some love this Saturday.

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