It may seem pretty mundane nowadays, but back on April 9, 1965, when the brand spanking new Houston Astrodome opened its doors for an exhibition game between the Astros and the New York Yankees, it was considered to be an awesome event.(BTW, Mickey Mantle of the Yankees hit the first homer in the Astrodome, however the Astros emerged victorious).

Called the "Eighth Wonder of the World", the Houston Astrodome was truly the first of it's kind. It was the very first fully-enclosed sports stadium with seating for over 70,000 people. Not only that, but the stadium also included a bowling alley and a chapel(perhaps there were weddings during the 7th inning stretch?). Plus, it was the first venue of that size to have air-conditioning. Very important during those long, extra-inning summer games.

Over the years, the Astrodome has played host to not only baseball games, but also football games, basketball games, concerts, professional boxing matches, rodeos, conventions....Heck, even Elvis Presley performed there. Today, the venue is called the NRG Astrodome, but for many baseball fans it will forever be known as the Houston Astrodome for their beloved Houston Astros. Happy Anniversary!


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