For her 7th birthday all Paige wants is to help raise money for animals.  A Facebook post on the Adams Police Department’s page links to a donate page set up by the little girl’s family.

The post mentions Paige not wanting gifts, instead she would like to help out animals by raising money for police dogs and choose the Adams Police K9 unit.  Paige hopes to meet Kumar, the Adams Police dog (pictured) and Officer Crane.

The response has been great as the donation goal started at $500 but because of inspired and generous donors the goal is now currently $1,200.  According to her Mom, Paige is always asking for updates on her fundraising effort.

If you would like to donate you can either make checks payable to Adams Police Department memo K-9 Unit or click on the Fundraiser button on the Adams Police Facebook page.

With everything going on in the country right now, Paige gives us hope that kindness and love will prevail.  Thank you, Paige, for everything you are doing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Paige's Family's Facebook Post
As Paige's family and friends know, her deep love and compassion for animals is truly genuine. If she could rescue every animal and keep them all safe, she would in a heart beat. She has told us that she doesn't want gifts this year for her 7th birthday. She has enough and would rather take care of animals. One of the many reasons she is so special. She said she would rather raise money for police dogs. She chose to make her donation this year to the Adams Police Department K9 unit. She decided to donate to the Adam's Police Department K9 Unit because she loved watching her cousins police videos during the Covid19, remote learning. She said he's so silly. She wanted to donate to the police station where he worked. As a mom, he also made things less scary for our girls. This isn't an easy time for anyone especially little ones. Paige wants to make sure the dogs stay safe too. Kumar is their K9 dog. Paige is looking forward to meeting Kumar and Officer Crane. You can either donate on this page or make checks payable to Adams Police Department memo K9 Unit.

Thank you for any donation. Please feel free to share this fundraiser for Paige's Birthday Wish.

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