I gotta say, if your spouse is unbelievably messy and you want to shame them into changing, going viral with a list of all the filthy things they do is a pretty decent strategy.

I mean how many times has someone left a towel on the floor, or not rinsed out the sink after shaving? As I was I reading this letter I really wondered if maybe hubby should have just sat her down and talked to her instead of facebook shaming her, but hey if it works and they stay married I guess it was worth it..

A husband in Brisbane, Australia wrote a letter to his wife last week and taped it on the bathroom mirror.  And he's asking her to do things like not using his deodorant and razor, putting towels on hooks instead of the floor, and flushing the toilet.

A picture of the letter is going viral on social media.

abc facebook brisbane

ABC Brisbane Facebook


Speaking to ABC Kath Rose, the woman who received the letter admitted that she saw the funny side, but she felt it said something important about marriage.

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