After an arson fire last October that burnt A-Mart Convenience Store to the ground, the North Street A-mart is once again open for business. reports A-Mart officially reopened to the public on the Tuesday before Christmas. Owner Yogesh Patel said the store itself hasn't changed much besides the expansion of retail space in what used to be a barbershop in the L-shaped building.

The business has been a part of downtown Pittsfield for some three decades, making grocery, deli and other items accessible to residents of the lower-income area who may not have means of transportation.

Sonal Patel LLC of Chelmsford purchased the A-Mart in September 2017 for $1,113,691.

Since the convenience store portion of the one-story building was destroyed, the structure had to be completely rebuilt. The new A-Mart features high ceilings, automatic doors, an expanded deli area, and an expanded beer, wine, and liquor section.

On the A-Mart Facebook page, it shows them doing weekly food specials and also weekend specials serving up hot and cold food, grinders, sandwiches.

On their Facebook page, it goes into detail about what they have to serve the public is a Grocery, Deli, Beer/Wine/Liquor, Lottery, Tobacco, Pet Food/Needs, Paper Products, Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Products, Ice, Frozen Food, Dairy, Ice Cream, Medicines, Automotive, Fresh Produce, Baby Food/Needs, ATM as they put it, We have everything except for gas!!! Always a Friendly Environment, with plenty of off-street parking!!! You will get in and out because of our large staff!!!!!

The owner, Patel said a new sign is going to be installed out front but signage from the original A-Mart will be displayed inside to preserve its memory.

Though some construction is still being done on the exterior, A-Mart is ready to welcome its loyal customers and new customers back to the establishment.

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