With an indefinite face covering mandate in place for all of Massachusetts, people are putting masks in certain places so they won't forget them.

With that in mind, hanging face masks from your rear-view mirror is probably not a good idea. At least according to the travel experts at AAA.

From a story reported on by Western Mass News, AAA is warning that hanging them from your rear-view mirror could be dangerous.

Sandra Marsian with AAA Pioneer Valley says, "A new phenomenon is that people are hanging their masks on their rear-view mirrors for convenience when they need to throw it on to go into a store."

While it may be a convenient spot to grab and go, it’s also creating blind spots while driving.

“I think it’s one of those things that when somebody says it out loud, you are more aware of the hazards that it poses…So what happens is as that mask is swinging in front of the rear-view mirror, in front of your windshield, it’s creating visibility issues for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or another vehicle,” Marsian added.

In some cases, it could actually be illegal based on a Massachusetts law stating a driver should not have anything that may interfere with the control of the car.

Whether your masks are securely fastened in your visor, center console, or even your glove box, Marsian said these are safer places to keep them.

For more on the story, visit Western Mass News' website here, and thanks to AAA for trying to raise awareness on the possible dangers of this new trend.

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