Adams town meeting approved the new marijuana establishment bylaw.

Although the meeting was delayed for over a half-hour Monday because of a lack of quorum, the show went on and the special town meeting warrant in its entirety was speedily passed.

Town Moderator Myra Wilk asked all present town meeting members to start making phone calls at 7 p.m. when the town clerk announced that only 72 members were present when 85 town meeting members are needed for a quorum.

The elected members flowed in throughout the night until they hit that number around 7:40.

The only article that caused substantial debate was Article 5 – the marijuana establishment bylaw.

The bylaw would allow all marijuana establishments in the industrial park and retailers would be allowed in a B-2 district with a special permit.

The only caveat is that the dispensary must be 250 feet away from where children regularly congregate.

Town meeting member John Cowie held the article with concerns that the bylaw did not address the regulation of the marijuana establishments.

Police Chief Richard Tarsa said the bylaw is less about allowing or not allowing marijuana retailers into town because Adams overwhelmingly voted to support legalization and more about getting a bylaw on the books. reports that Tarsa said.

"It is a good bylaw, and there was a lot of give and take to get where we are, and it addresses a lot of issues," I know a lot of people aren't in favor of it but unfortunately this is the way it has to be. We need regulations because if we don't it reverts to the state's regulations."

Board of Health member Bruce Shepley spoke more so to medical than recreational marijuana and said other than zoning, the state regulates the dispensaries and other establishments.

"It is state dictated, and it will be regulated by state guidelines," he said. "All of those issues: who can get it, how it will be delivered, where it can be sold from will be set by the state."

Tarsa said it is possible for a medical marijuana facility to deliver, however, the company interested in opening in Adams currently does not plan to do this.

Tarsa went on to say this is still an unknown, as are many other things, with recreational because the Cannabis Control Commission is still reviewing regulations. reports that Tarsa said.

"As I stand here right now, there are a lot of things I can't give you answers on," There are still a lot of questions I have that can't be answered until the CCC comes out with their regulations."

Cowie's final question was if the town can tax the marijuana.

Cesan said only recreational can be taxed and the town has yet to discuss this. She said this will likely be addressed at the annual town meeting.