Troy Bacon was sworn in Tuesday morning on the front steps of Town Hall as the interim police chief of the Adams Police Department. reports that Bacon takes over for outgoing Chief Richard Tarsa as he retired after 36 years of service on the force. Tarsa announced his intention to retire in January of this year.

Some background on Bacon, he served for 20 years in the Frankfort, Ind., Police Department with the last eight of those as chief. Frankfort is a city of about 16,000 that serves as the seat of Clinton County in central Indiana.

He was a unanimous choice of the Selectmen and was also endorsed by Green.

Town leaders said that due to current social distancing guidelines, a larger more formal ceremony could not be held to honor Tarsa as well as several other recently retired longtime members of the department. They said as soon as a safe and secure time can be found, they will make it happen.

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