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Being open and explaining why they do not post the names of people arrested.

Subject: Social Media Information
Date: January 23, 2020

The Adams Police Department within the past year has started to provide information to the public via social media of a small amount of the many incidents that our officers deal with on a daily basis.

Reading comments on our posts we are aware that some people may be upset that we don’t release names of arrested or accused parties.

This information is available at the local district court and the public is always welcome to attend arraignments. Local media is usually in attendance of these arraignments and provides this information to you after they appear before a judge.

We will continue to provide you information regarding events that happen within town as quickly and as frequently as we can. We believe that social media is a valuable resource to us and to you. We also believe the members of our community should know of the great work that our patrol officers do on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our citizens and visitors alike.

We will continue not to provide names of arrested individuals in our social media general information posts as this is our standard operating procedure for social media. The Adams Police Department arrests over 300+ people a year. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is somebody’s family member.

Our press logs are available through public information requests, and arraignments are open to the public at the district court. We often share articles from local media sources after parties have been arraigned, and when it has been released to local media outlets.

-Adams Police Department

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