I was really hoping to see a slow down in deaths and infected people here in the Berkshires.

Berkshire County had five new COVID-19 deaths as of Wednesday, for the new total of 155 deaths, with the confirmed case count up 86 to 3,260, the state Department of Public Health said.

The past four days have all brought news of fatalities in the county, including five deaths both Tuesday and Wednesday.


The DPH said 99 new deaths were reported in Massachusetts, pushing the statewide total to 12,563. Deaths including those listed as probably caused by COVID-19 is 12,836.

Confirmed cases rose 6,419 to 386,052. According to data provided by Johns Hopkins University, at least 261,672 people in Massachusetts have recovered from COVID-19.

The number of active cases, in Pittsfield, is 1,203, 414 Pittsfield households are in quarantine.

As far as Western Mass goes, The case totals (and death counts) in neighboring counties: Franklin, up 18 to 1,356 (92); Hampshire, up 87 to 4,198 (up 1 to 205); Hampden, up 365 to 28,209 (up 10 to 1,078).


The following data on the state’s vaccine distributions is current as of Dec. 29. New figures are reported Thursdays.

Number of doses shipped to Berkshire County: 7,050 Doses shipped as a percentage of county’s population: 5.5 Total Pfizer vaccine doses received in state: 138,450 Total Moderna vaccine doses received in state: 146,60.

When we look at what is going on with getting vaccinated. We are in phase one Phase 1: Through February, the people who are getting vaccinated now are health care workers of many kinds, including those doing direct care, school nurses, pharmacists and others.

Plus, people in longterm care facilities, emergency medical services, public safety crews, residents of congregate care settings, including shelters and jails, physical therapists, and a variety of other jobs in health care.

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