I have noticed for a while now that people online say they are getting everything from mixers to phones and TVs, supposedly for free.

You may be looking for a certain item online, you know doing your homework, where you can buy and get the best deal on the item you are looking for.

Honestly, the first place I go is online to check out prices from different locations and dealers. The only problem with that is as soon as you punch in an item you are looking for you online, you will probably get pop-ups and messages in your messenger on the object you wanted.

This is where you can run into trouble, after the nice search you did being the price-conscious shopper that you are, you may start getting pop-ups telling you you have won said object and all you have to do is pay to ship. It's what you want, and wow you only have to pay to ship!

Be careful this could go one of three ways. You could pay the shipping and never get the product you paid the shipping for, you could end up having them send you a cheap knock off or, you could be one of the lucky ones who get exactly what they paid to have shipped. And of course, you can not reach customer service.

This one scam showed up on Facebook that appeared to show Walmart giving away “leftover” KitchenAid mixers for as little as $2 each. However, this was nothing more than a scam. Just so you know, in reality, KitchenAid and Walmart had nothing to do with the posts.

Now my husband tried this, and paid for shipping on a smartwatch, he did get the product, but it never worked. There again was the problem of not being able to contact customer service.

So this adage fits appropriately, "if it seems too good to be true it probably is".

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