Life has been pretty strange for the last couple of years due to Covid, and people are looking to the fall to celebrate and be with family and friends.

Stores here in the Berkshires are way ahead in the race to get to Fall Holidays. I think by now all stores have their Halloween and Thanksgiving, and even some have their Christmas inventories up on the shelves.  Yes, that last one there was Christmas.

I had been in one store last week that did have their Christmas goodies going up on the shelves, I had to do a double take to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Ok, I get the Halloween candy, it is a month away, but don't you think it is a bit early for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Butterball has their website up, even though it is like three months away, and they have even done polls to see how Thanksgiving will be this year compared to the last couple of years.

The Celebration: Nearly 90% of people who plan to celebrate this year we saw an increase from 2021.
The Turkey: Among those celebrating, 85% of hosts are going to have turkey at the center of the table and 90% plan to buy the same size turkey or larger than last year.
The Guest List: Only 8% of hosts concerned with inflation say they plan to shrink their guest list to control costs.


I am wondering what the price of a Turkey will be this year!

I was checking out different stores to see who had their Christmas decorations and whatever else you would want for your Christmas out and ready to sell, and it seems that the big stores like Target, and Walmart, give you a chance to order your Christmas stuff and pick it up the next day at their stores.

I guess this story on How you are going to get the best rates on flying for the holidays may come in Handy!

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