These Are The Germiest Surfaces In Your Grocery Store
With Covid Cases on the rise here in Mass think about this. You're doing your weekly shopping, unless your me who goes a few times a week( trying to get the good deals) but this may not be such a great deal What do you think is the highest-risk thing you touch at the grocery store when it comes…
More Trouble For the Berkshire Mall
This is not looking good for the Berkshire Mall. We all know now that Sears and Roebuck another anchor store at the mall is leaving in the next few weeks. Now Petricca has filed for a trustee process.
When should you start Hearing Holiday Music ?
So when is it too early for Christmas music?.. we here don't have some of these  stores but we do travel over to other malls and stores far and wide around here, over to Albany, down to Springfield even over toward Boston for your holiday shopping.