It’s very easy to maintain physical distancing out on the trails, so people are tearing up the slopes in Berkshire County.

From a story reported on by WWLP/22 News Springfield, for avid skiers & riders, it’s been a relief to hit the slopes and to know they are doing it safely.

Eric Vanoostveen, General Manager at Otis Ridge Ski Area in Otis, said, "We planned this all out a couple days in advance, sat down figured out what we need for staff, and what we needed to do to make it a fun safe day."

The only difference for skiers and riders is wearing a mask, but even that hasn’t been a big deal for people.

Charles Rosenzweig of Brooklyn, New York, said, "It actually makes my face warmer."

Otis Ridge was pleasantly surprised with how many people were itching to get on their slopes.

Vanoostveen went on to say:

This year is more crowded than the typical Sundays. I think there is a lot of people looking for that outside thing to do. A lot of people have been in their houses for the last 10 months and they are just looking for that outdoor sport and they can be around some people and have some fun.

So if you're looking for outdoor fun, fresh air, exercise, and spectacular scenery, then get out and hit the slopes, Berkshire County!

For more on the story, please visit WWLP/22 News website here.

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