On this Friday 2/23, I called over to the Berkshire Mall, the phone was answered by a woman who told me the mall was open, I asked here if the whole mall was open, she replied "yes". they also posted this on facebook.

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The mall posted on Facebook shortly around the time the shops were expected to open at 10 a.m. saying the building was closed for Thursday. It is not clear if or when it will reopen. The reason they have given is "power issues."

The ownership has reportedly been talking with Eversource more recently regarding the electric bill, and company officials were on site last week demanding payment. Last month, a portion of the mall lost power for a day.

FireShot Capture 17 - Berkshire Mall - Home - https___www.facebook.com_BerkshireMall_

The post simply reads, "Due to power issues, Mall will be closed today, Feb 22."

The ownership of the mall has been struggling to pay its Eversource electric bill and there have been unconfirmed rumors for weeks that the utility would shut off the power.

The power is reportedly still on at Target, which owns its attached building, also there is power to Regal Cinema.

The struggles of the Berkshire Mall have been ongoing for nearly three years since Berkshire Mall Realty Holdings, a subsidiary of Kohn Retail Investment Group, took over ownership. A number of stores have closed in recent years, including anchors Best Buy, Macy's, J.C. Penney, and Sears.

The owners have continuously fallen behind on bills and taxes. The ownership has received multiple demand notices for back taxes and water bills. Kohan has been taken to court several times regarding unpaid bills to vendors.

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