Massachusetts drivers from the Berkshires to Boston can now take that much deserved road trip and save some "moolah, moolah moolah" on gas in the process. The good news is that prices at the pump are declining as we try to get below that dreaded 4 dollar per gallon moniker. This option can save you an additional 30 cents when filling up between now and Labor Day (September 5th) and that's a good thing if you ask me.

E-Z Pass is joining forces with PayByCar, a Boston based company that has created a way for motorists to keep more greenbacks in their wallets as this cost saving venture has been in the works for months. You can top the tank at 27 AllTown Mobil Stations located throughout Massachusetts. A recent report aired on CBS 4 Boston (WBZ-TV) as this will guide you through the step-by-step process and believe me, this is something to take advantage of if saving money is your immediate future:

To sign up, you MUST have a transponder to enroll in this cost cutting option. You can access this link to sign up as your total purchase will NOT be charged to your E-Z Pass account. Instead, you will be able to use your phone OR mobile device and the total cost to fill up will be debited from your active PayByCar account as every transaction will be documented in the form of a text message.

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Good news on a local level: There are two AllTown gas station located on West Housatonic Street (aka route 41) in Pittsfield and at The Shell station at 90 Tyler Street If you are heading out east, you can access this service located at 225 Whiting Hills Road in Holyoke and in Palmer on Thorndike Street. The CEO of PayByCar reports this is an experimental phase and if this proves successful, it will expand into other parts of the country. The Bay State has been fortunate to be selected as a prototype for this beneficial project.

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BOTTOM LINE: Take advantage of this new option and you'll see a mountain of savings on the horizon. Remember, every penny counts and that applies highly when putting gas into your vehicle. As Exxon (Esso in the good ol' days, I could not resist) used to say: "HAPPY MOTORING"

(Video clip courtesy of CBS 4 WBZ-TV in Boston)

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