I guess people are getting tired of hearing certain names over and over again because the new trend is naming your sweet baby some very old names.

Honestly, there is a new trend, or I guess I would call it an old trend new again. Every decade or so it seems we bring back names we haven't heard in a long time.

This time around 2023 expecting parents are looking to name their babies names from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Nameberry.com says, Today’s parents, along with society as a whole, are more individualistic than ever before. Extravagant options like Amadeus and Astrophel, Myfanwy, and Mazikeen are among the fastest-rising names on Nameberry so far this year.

So I searched to see what some of these names mean.

Here is going way old school with Cowboy names.  With all the shows like Yellowstone (love that show) and spinoffs from it, there is no surprise if we don't see some kids with these names.

At the top of the list for boys in the western category are Abbott, Boone, Briggs, Dutton, Huck, Rhett, and Tex.

Extravagant names like Amadeus which means loved by god, and Astrophel greek meaning star lover, Myfanwy meaning dear one or a lovely little one, and Mazikeen Which is girls, the name means harmful spirits. Neil Gaiman invented this name for a character in his comic book Sandman.

Looking for a short name for girls and Four-letter names:

For girls: Gigi means Earth Worker, Joni, If you name your child Kiki, it means, from the castor plant, Leni, Nori, and Mimi.

For boys: Ravi, Tavi, Indi, and Ezri.

These baby names have made a big turnaround from not-so-hot to hot again.

Blane That is my daughter's middle name.



Ferris  Bueller,Bueller.

Marty, As in McFly


You have a bunch of great choices to choose from, you can always go to nameberry.com or https://babynames.com/

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