Listen to the Five O'Clock flashback with Scott Thursday and Friday to hear some of the great artists who played at Woodstock. Today is the 50th anniversary of the first day of Woodstock, August 15, 1969. Also all this weekend we will be playing those artists too!

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Here is something you might not have known. Tim Hardin was supposed to take the stage first, but he freaked out and wouldn't go on for the waiting massive crowd. Here's Richie Havens remembering how they asked him to go on first, so he did, but even he was reluctant. It made him legendary in music history. Tim Hardin performed later but wasn't featured in the film or on the soundtrack album. Here is what Richie had to say about that event.

(Richie Havens story clip from "Woodstock: 50 Years Later" on PBS, July 2019)

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Some of the artists did not appear in the Woodstock video, a large part of that is because the artists, or their handlers, wanted it that way.

Some groups -- like Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Band, and the Grateful Dead -- refused to allow their sets to be included in the movie because they were unhappy with their performances, had contractual issues with the promoters or they just didn't expect the film to connect with a wide audience.

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That all changed almost as soon as the movie and its soundtrack became smash hits. The second volume of music came out in 1971, and a home video, Woodstock: The Lost Performances, arrived in 1990.

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You'll find 10 Artists You Didn't Know Played Woodstock below.
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