As the Fall weather is becoming more and more of an issue for long-term outdoor dining, yesterday Governor Baker announced the easing of some of the rule’s restaurants must abide by.

The number of diners at one table is increasing from 6 to 10.  Customers will be able to sit at the bar while eating meals as long as social distancing in maintained.  The Govenator made the announcement at the Mill City BBQ in Lowell.

The new restrictions go into effect this coming Monday and will no doubt be welcomed change by Berkshire area restaurateurs and their patrons.  Although restaurants will see the benefits of the new rules, bars across the state must remain closed.  Only restaurants with bar seating will be allowed to use the area as long as social distancing guidelines are adhered to.  Bars and nightclubs will not be allowed to open until Phase 4 of the Governor’s plan.  That will most likely not occur until a vaccine is in mass distribution.

Restaurant goers should still be very careful when dining out and in confined spaces with others.  Although restrictions are easing slightly, the fact that COVID-19 is lurking and can be transmitted through the air.  The northeast is doing a great job with mask discipline and we all need to continue to wear masks and social distance.

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