Would tiny houses be a big hit in the small town of Clarksburg?

Would you ever consider downsizing and living in one?

The Berkshire Eagle reports town officials are in preliminary discussions with representatives from tiny house manufacturer B&B Micro Manufacturing, which is exploring piloting a village of tiny or small houses in the town.

B&B co-owner Jason Koperniak said the North Adams-based company regularly receives inquiries from people interested in a tiny home, but who don't have anywhere to put it.

The North Adams-based company has not made any formal proposal, and there hasn't been a location set.

The most apparent obstacle, however, is that the town has a bylaw banning mobile homes a category the tiny home would fall under. The town would also have to address the issue of whether such a home would pay excise tax, like a motor vehicle, or property tax like a traditional home. Other concerns would include the availability of public water and sewer hookups.

The Planning Board will discuss the matter again at its Wednesday, February 7th meeting.