As of yesterday 11/5, The state again reported a new high in cases at 1,761, bringing total cases to more than 160,000. The seven-day positive test rate average jumped to 1.91 percent or about 823 cases per 100,000 people.

Methuselah Bar and Lounge on North Street in Pittsfield is closing temporarily due to staff exposure to coronavirus according to a post on the businesses' Facebook page.

Methuselah Owner Yuki Cohen told the Berkshire News Network that she plans to reopen when there is no risk of transmission, possibly by the end of the week. Meanwhile, The Berkshire Eagle reported that 'Olde Heritage Tavern' in Lenox was closing its doors for two days after people who dined there recently tested positive for COVID-19. Owner John McNinch says he hopes to reopen on Saturday.

A third restaurant in the county has now temporarily due to COVID-19 concerns. The that the Brick House Pub in Housatonic has shut down temporarily after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Officials posted the news on Facebook Thursday. Officials at the eatery told the Eagle that it the business will remain shut down until every employee has tested negative.

To find out how your town or city is doing with new cases click here.

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