So we are heading into the weekend unfortunately and after the weekend it is back to the 9-5 and there are some morning mistakes that can without a doubt make your Monday no so great, I hope you don't do these or do you?

This is something I try to do but since I get up early on a daily basis sleeping past eight AM, I am talking about sleeping in. The Professionals say that if you vary your sleep time and wakeup time can cause you to be tired, lethargic. When I am talking about oversleeping I am not talking about an hour or two but more like if you usually get up early and then one day on the weekend you sleep till noon.

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If you have been out partying on the weekend, maybe have had to much to drink, make sure you drink plenty of water in the morning, that's right hydrate it up.

Go outside. fresh air and sunshine always make you feel better. Going outdoors can lead to better rest at night.

I am Guilty of this one, hitting the snooze button. You don't have to jump out of bed but move around, it will make you feel better and energized.

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