Sure, you could spend a boatload of money on a psychiatrist, or you could take the cheaper and tastier way to get your therapy during these pandemic times, just eat an entire pizza and call it a day.

According to a new poll, Commissioned by Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza and conducted by OnePoll a little over half, 55% of Americans think of eating as a form of therapy. Kinda makes sense we do use food as comfort too. And three out of five say sitting down to eat is often the best part of their day.


While many don’t like to cook, including sometimes me, sitting down and eating is the best part of the day for 62% of Americans. And over half of Americans especially look forward to dinner the most.

How many of you can relate to this one? 63% of Americans say that sitting down for a meal gives them a much-needed mental break.

Everyone seems to have a food favorite night. Over a third of us have at least one night a week that's dedicated to a certain food. Like "Taco Tuesdays" "fish Friday" Our house was on a fried chicken night every Friday night (luckily that did not last too long, my scale thanks me for the effort)


Just like planning a Holiday dinner, which everyone usually gets excited about, half of us have planned out a special meal several days in advance, because we were stressed and needed something to look forward to.

So what are these therapy foods that we look forward to eating are: Pizza, burgers, pasta, barbecue, Asian foods, French fries, yeah all the great fast foods in general. Mac-and-cheese, burritos, and nachos also made the list.

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