A doe was spotted Friday in the waters of the Adams flood control chute around Winter Street.  According to iBerkshires.com., Animal Control Officer Kim Witek saw photos of a struggling deer on Facebook and on her day off rushed to the scene.

Witek called the Environmental Police Office and was told because the doe appeared to be fine, to leave it alone, keep it away from people and allow it to find its way out.

It’s believed the doe entered the flood chute near Aladco on Commercial Street where it made its way in the water to the flood chute access point behind the Myrtle Street Apartments. It ran up the ramp, enclosed by a fence, away from the water to ground level. Witek's thought the best thing to do was to try to get the gate open and coax the deer out of the flood chute. While waiting for the Department of Public Works to bring keys to unlock the gate, the doe made a move and hid behind a metal structure on the very edge of the flood chute. Adams police were called to stop traffic on Myrtle Street if the doe made it out of the flood chute and ran out into the street.

A  MassWildlife representative who had come to the scene thought another option would be to tranquilize the doe, however, this too could also send the doe into the flood chute.

The doe was eventually tranquilized and pulled to safety.  The MassWildlife representative said they would take the doe to the woods and assess its injuries.

"She's a little beat up especially her back leg but it doesn't look broken," he said. "We will clean her up, see how it looks, and hopefully we can give her the benefit of the doubt."

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