Did you already deactivate your Facebook account because it's a site that exploits your personal data, makes you more depressed, and spreads dangerous misinformation?

Here is a twist, the rest of us are about to get paid to quit.

The Verge is reporting that Facebook is going to start paying people to deactivate their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one to six weeks leading up to the election in November.

They're offering between $10 and $20 a week to deactivate your account so you could get up to $120 if they ask you to be part of this.

Why are they doing it? They say it's a research project to see just how big of an impact they make on democracy and if they're really destroying democracy as everyone says.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it was partnering with outside researchers to study the impact its social media products have on society during the upcoming US presidential election.

Facebook expects around 200,000 to 400,000 users will opt into the project. Once they’ve opted in, the company will be able to see how they interact with its products, including both Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook is working with a group of 17 independent researchers who are experts in the fields of elections, democracy and social media. Social Science One facilitated the start of the project, and two of its committee chairs, Talia Stroud and Joshua A. Tucker, serve as co-chairs of this project.

They selected researchers who represent a variety of institutions, disciplines, areas of expertise and methodological traditions. Facebook did not select the researchers and is taking measures to ensure that they operate independently

So look for a message on Facebook or Instagram offering to pay you to log off for a few weeks.

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