Have you ever watched "Maury" and thought, "This is wonderful I wish I could bring this experience into my own life?"

Well, now you can!


NBC Universal has turned the show into a board game called "You Are Not the Father".  And no, this isn't a joke.  It's available for preorder on Amazon and it'll be shipped by the end of the month.

Just in time for Christmas shopping for your White Elephant work parties & gift exchange!


The specifics are a little vague, but they're calling it a, quote, "hilarious party game, which challenges players to prove their non-paternity through a series of outrageous accusations and laugh-out-loud arguments."

It sounds like you're trying to win arguments so you can gain audience popularity, which somehow, quote, "ups your chances of innocence."

Amazon is selling the game for $19.99, and it's strictly intended for ADULTS.