Mass Governor Charlie Baker filled a supplemental budget bill today.  He is asking the state’s legislature to authorize 1-billion dollars earmarked for the mounting bills to fight the coronavirus.

Baker said he expects the total cost would ultimately be reimbursed by the federal government programs.

The Gov. also declined to say if his stay-at-home advisory will be lifted when we reach the current advisory expiration date of May 18th.

In relation to the 4-phased plan to open the state back up for business that Baker announced yesterday, he was asked today when businesses will know if they can begin to operate in Phase 1, Baker responded “I think it would probably be on the 18th.”

According to the website, the goal of the phased reopening, based on public health guidance, is to methodically allow certain businesses, services, and activities to resume, while protecting public health and limiting a resurgence of new COVID-19 cases.

  • Phase 1 will be “Start:” limited industries resume operations with severe restrictions
  • Phase 2 will be “Cautious:” additional industries resume operations with restrictions and capacity limits
  • Phase 3 will be “Vigilant:” additional industries resume operations with guidance
  • Phase 4 will be the “New Normal:” development of vaccine and/or therapy enables resumption of new normal

Click here for the complete Four-Phase Plan.

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