Because of the mounting COVID-19 numbers in Massachusetts, Governor Baker announced today that the state will be rolling back to the first step of Phase 3 of the Gov’s coronavirus plan to reduce the spread of the virus.

In October the Gov rolled back restrictions on a number of communities showing a high-risk of spread while allowing communities with lower risk and control of their numbers to remain at Phase 3 Step 2.

The rollback to Phase 3 goes into effect on Sunday and includes the reduction of table limits in restaurants from 10 people per table to 6 people with a total dining time of 90-minutes. Patrons also are not allowed to take their face covings off unless they are physically eating. Food courts in mall must close entirely.

In addition to limiting restaurant capacity, movie theaters, lodging, indoor facilities such as entertainment venues, roller- and ice-skating rinks, escape rooms, laser tag, and trampoline centers all must close. Gyms, museums, libraries, arcades, and other similar type businesses must reduce capacity from 50% to 40%.

State will close break rooms in state buildings and urge staffers to work from home. More testing facilities are being developed for western mass and Cape Cod. Berkshire Health Systems announced this week that they have increased their days of operation and the number of hours they are open for testing. Call 855-262-5465 to make a test appointment.

For official information from Governor Baker and Massachusetts state’s plan click here.

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