With the whole pandemic thing going on and all of us trying to stay safe, we here at WUPE have not had the opportunity to see a lot of you in person, but your phone calls and hearing your voices always makes us feel we still have a connection.

One thing that has been a tradition here at WUPE is the "Suppes" and Holidays. You see every holiday Frank & Karen Suppe always make sure we are a part of their holiday by bringing use goodies around each holiday.

What it comes down to is the Suppes are a part of our holiday celebrations every year. We love them so much, they are a caring and wonderful couple. FYI, This was done With social Distancing and facemasks.

And without fail they made our Halloween awesome by bringing us a goodie bag of all things Halloween, from different candies to juice and fruit cups.

They are an awesome couple and loved so much by the crew here at WUPE. So this year even with everything going on we got a surprise call from Karen wanting to bring a Halloween to treat for us.



Which social distancing what it is right now we wanted to make sure everyone stayed safe.And using safety precautions we were floored at what they brought for the crew, one specific candy,bit-o-honeys with Tom Conklins name on them. so we thought we would share with you a video Eric & Myself made of the awesomeness of Halloween spirit we received today.

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