So with covid-19 and everything being tipsy turvy, there was no Motorama last year which I know everyone looks forward to, and with restrictions being what they were there will be a smaller Main Street Cruise-in coming Friday, August 6th from 4 till 8 pm.

The event s a celebration for the 2022 return of the North Adams Motorama Car Show Motorama that's right it will be fully back in 2022!
There will be a 50/50 Raffle & Music put on by the Night Cruzers.

Come out and have a great time with family and friends looking at all things motorized. North Adams Motorama is free and fun for all ages to come see some of the most amazing motorized vehicles in the world!

Parking for Motorama cars will be parking on the eastbound(south side) of Main Street and also utilizing a portion of the adjacent parking lot. Make a night of it with a bit of shopping and yummy food to eat down North Adams.

The 10th Annual Motorama Car Show is scheduled for Sunday, August 28th,2022.
If you need more information go to You can also call 413-664-6180 or the man behind Motorama Joe Dean 413-346-4777

Cheryl Adams

Here are some of the awesome motorized vehicles from the previous Motorama!

Cheryl Adams

So many things to do and see.

Lots of Bikes are there too.

NESN was even there.

What an engine! That belongs in the Tasmanian Devil.

Old and new right next to each other.

So many choices, love red on a car!

Great muscle car.

Talk about sharp!

Folks were buying raffle tickets to win all sorts of prizes, they would measure them off by the arm, car, or trailer.

Lots of tickets.

Cheryl Adams
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