People were posting pictures on facebook of a Moose close to their homes yesterday and it came down to Local emergency services and state environmental police officers removing a moose that was hanging around the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in the downtown area of Adams. reports that a post on the Adams Alert Hose Company's Facebook page Monday morning said a moose was spotted making its way down the rail trail. Firefighters and Highway Department and Adams Ambulance personnel helped state Environmental Police and MassWildlife officials and the town's animal control officer to immobilize the moose and move it from the bike trail off Albert Street.

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Environmental police said. "The moose, a young bull weighing approximately 700 pounds, was subsequently transported to an undisclosed rural location where it was monitored until it fully recovered from the effects of the immobilization agent.

Photos surfaced on Facebook of the moose making its trek and Adams residents spotted it near Columbia Street. A second moose has been sighted along the trail in Cheshire.

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