I think we all have heard of the freshman 15, but have you gained the "quarantine 15" yet an extra 15 pounds from stress-eating on the couch all day, every day?

Well, it might not be as big of a problem as we thought.

79% of Americans in a new survey said their eating habits have been the same or better during the lockdown.  Here are six quick stats on how the crisis might actually be improving some of our diets:

Only 21% say their overall diet has been worse because of the lockdown.

45% have been cooking more meals at home with healthy ingredients.

25% are eating more fruits and vegetables.

Only 20% say they've been snacking more.

Just 12% are relying on more processed and pre-packaged foods.

Only 10% said they're getting more delivery and takeout.

The group that is eating worse is people who were already doing it.  45% of people with high BMIs admit they're paying less attention to their diet right now.

But we're also adopting other healthy routines:  27% are getting more sleep, 19% are doing yoga, 18% have added cardio, 9% have tried meditating, and close to 1 in 5 say they're taking more time for self-care in general.


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