Here in Berkshire County, we get to do early voting starting this Saturday, October 17th, and goes through till October 30th. My husband and I both received our mail-in ballots in the mail this past week, we are going to drop them off this weekend.

You have a choice to mail it back or call your city hall to see where you can drop off your ballots.

To find your location for drop-offs and voting click on this box below. all you have to do is pick the town you live in and will give you the info you need.

Almost 7 in 10 Americans say this year's election is already a big source of stress. And we've still got over two weeks to go.

So here are some quick tips from a therapist on how to help manage those feelings, no matter who you're voting for, the biggest thing to do is get out and vote, make your voice be heard.

Limit your social media time. Facebook will be loaded with political posts for the next two weeks. So if you feel yourself getting angry or overwhelmed, log off. And it's also okay to skip a day. The same goes for how much cable news you let yourself watch.

Agree to disagree. Especially if you're arguing in person, or with someone you live with. At some point, you just have to move on. So remember that everyone's allowed to have an opinion even if you think they're nuts.

Take time each day for more calming activities. Like going on walks or reading a book. Talking or thinking about politics isn't a very relaxing activity. For most people, it's the opposite. So make sure you balance things out.

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